Montis – Nature Conservation Association  

MONTIS – Nature Conservation Association is an environmental non-governmental organisation (ENGO), which is non -profit and has a national scope. MONTIS was founded on the 23th of March 2014 and is based in Vouzela, a district of Viseu. In March 2023, MONTIS has 423 associates and manages around 300 ha – which comprise 34 properties in the centre of Portugal and one near Lisbon.

The main objectives of MONTIS are to ensure the development of natural processes, to promote conservation of native species, to manage in a considered manner forest fires and other natural damages and to increase the value of biodiversity.

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  • 8 April, 2024 - 7 June, 2024

Porque ter a propriedade da terra é a principal garantia de uma gestão de longo prazo orientada para a produção de biodiversidade, “Nos cumpre tê-lo com cuidado” é a nova campanha de crowdfunding da MONTIS para a compra de terrenos. Apoiem e/ou divulguem. Vejam como em (more…)

What drives us


To promote biodiversity through sustainable management of natural heritage, engaging, transparent and open to all.


To manage properties to increase the value of biodiversity.


Bring nature and biodiversity conservation to all, in a transparent and open manner.


Focus on the purchase and concrete management of properties, with a long-term vision, and a flexible strategy, based on an analysis of tangible results.