Baldio da Granja


The property is located in the parish of Valadares in the council of São Pedro do Sul, between the Granja chapel and São Cristóvão monastery (40°45’52.2″N 8°10’27.6″W). Close to 3 ha of Baldio da Granja have been under the management of MONTIS since April 2016 through an agreement with the Baldio “Assembleia de Compartes”. It began with an experimental period of two years, which was renewed in 2018 for a period of ten years.

The property is located in the valley of the Varoso river, in a steep slope. Rocky outcrops are a main feature of the property. It boast a lot of humidity, in spite of having shallow soil of poor quality.


Recurring vegetation

  • Common oak (Quercus robur)
  • Cork oak (Quercus suber)
  • Willow (Salix sp.)
  • Maritime pine (Pinus pinaster)
  • Eucalyptus (Eucalyptus sp.)
  • Mimosa (Acacia dealbata)


Sporadic vegetation

  • Eagle fern (Pteridium aquilinum)
  • “Carqueja” (Pterospartum tridentatum)
  • Broom (Cytisus sp.)
  • Heather (Erica arborea)

Recurring Fauna

  • Great tit (Parus major)
  • Blue tit (Cyanistes coeruleus)
  • European robin (Erithacus rubecula)
  • Coal tit (Periparus ater)

Management model

The objectives of this property are:

  • To control invasive species (mimosa – acacia dealbata)
  • To support natural processes, to boost biodiviersty, and increase resilience against natural risks


Evolution of the property through aerial photography