Bring fire and food

Fundo Ambiental

About the project

The schools that we bring round the table create value for food products and have an influence on their production.

The project seeks to increase knowledge about the ways in which our nutrition can have a positive impact on biodiversity and property management.

The idea is simple, if we put butter on our bread, then we are financing the production of butter, milk, and cereals for animal feed. However, if we dip our bread into oil, then we are funding olive groves.

The way chosen to talk about landscape, nutrition, and biodiversity was to bring people to cooking workshops. There, Chef António Alexandre cooked and explained the way in which the production of ingredients used is related to landscape management.

The workshop strives to help anyone, from expert to beginners, to take on board the idea that it is possible, using simple cooking techniques, to take advantage of food products to create a more frugal, and at the same time more rich and diverse, nutrition with a positive impact on the conservation of natural values.

Recipe – Pumpkin Papas

Corn porridge with pumpkin, cabbage, turnip greens and shredded veal

– Make a stew with fresh thyme, olive oil, onion and garlic;
– Pre-bake pumpkin in the oven with garlic, olive oil and rosemary at 180ºC for 50 minutes; (leftover roasted pumpkin from other recipes can be used. The roasting water must be conserved. The pumpkin can be roasted with the peel to facilitate peeling and to give more flavour to the roast)
– Cook the cabbage without the stems with a little salt; (the water must not be allowed to boil fully before placing the cabbage and do not allow it to cook too much, so it does not lose its colour completely, immediately place it in cold water or ice to fix the colour of the cabbage)
– Previously stew veal with onion, garlic, salt, olive oil and bay leaf; (leftovers from other cooks can be used)
– Add the stewed meat sauce to the stew and shred the meat to the stew, put butter beans in the mixture;
– Remove the cabbage from the water and in the cooking water add 350g of corn flour, always stirring with sticks; (350g for 1 liter of water). Cook on low heat for 5 minutes; (The porridge instead of water could be made in milk)
– Add pepper to the corn porridge and correct the salt;
-Add the sliced ​​turnip greens to the stew and add the water from the pumpkin roast, adding the porridge in the pan at the end, wrapping everything; (chorizo ​​or smoked pork belly can be added to the preparation)
– Correct the seasoning and add chopped parsley and mint to the preparation, with a drizzle of olive oil and cooked whole corn;
– Add the cooked cabbage and serve.

Recipe – Pumpkin Crostini

Pumpkin crostini, sautéed corn and melted cheese

– Toast half corn bread in the frying pan (or in the oven) without seasoning, or with olive oil, thyme and garlic;
– Sauté olive oil, fresh thyme and peeled whole garlic;
– Pre-bake pumpkin with rosemary, olive oil and garlic at 180ºC for 50 minutes; (leftovers from previous roasts may be used)
– Cut the roasted pumpkin and add to the sauté;
– Caramelize the pumpkin;
– Chop onion, turnip and chives (alternatively garlic) and add to the stew;
– Add cumin and nutmeg to the sauté and add lemon zest;
– Place the mixture on the toasted bread with a spoon of cheese on top (or laminate if the cheese is cured);
– Add pepper on top (optional).