Aguada de baixo


Aguada is a plot of 0.20 hectares located in the northern area of ​​the village of Aguada de Baixo (40° 30’ 54,28” N; 8° 27’ 20,64” W), União de Freguesias de Barrô e Aguada de Baixo, in county of Águeda, Aveiro district. The management of the land results from a management protocol made with the partner Luís Lavoura, on an individual basis, with a duration of 10 years, beginning in February 2021 and ending in the same month of 2031.

The property is located between 24 and 32 m, in urban limits.


Recurring vegetation

  • Pine tree (Pinus pinaster)
  • Common oak (Quercus robur)
  • Cork oak (Quercus suber)

Ponctual vegetation

  • Acacia (Acacia dealbata)
  • Butcher’s-broom (Ruscus aculeatus)
  • Gorse (Ulex sp.)
  • Eucalyptus (Eucalyptus sp.)

Management model

The MONTIS approach is aimed at strengthening natural processes, with the aim of enhancing renaturalization and increasing biodiversity. It is intended to make the managed properties more resilient to disturbances, namely to fire.

The main objectives of the management of this property are:

  • Support the natural processes
  • Control invasive species
  • Valuing natural assets
  • Support a process of development of native vegetation
  • Support actions