Campaign 1+1

We want to grow in number of members, to increase the impact and strengthen our
responsiveness – we will double the members of MONTIS, we ask each member to
bring us a new 1 + 1 member!

As everyone knows, MONTIS was created with a purpose different from most enviroment associations – demonstrate that it is possible to manage territories for conservation.

It was also created with the conviction that our organization should depend in the first place on its partners.

We can be proud of the route taken, of zero hectares of area under our management we reached 178 hectares today, and with more in perspective. We evolved from the 11 founding partners for the current 434 members.

Much of our journey has been done with the direct support that partners provide us with their quotas, but also with the financing projects that, in the meantime, we managed approve, as well as with the dedicated work of the technical team and countless volunteers.

As we want to have more ambition in the effective capacity to respond to the current responsibilities, as well as to be able to aspire to create more impact, we call on the members to help us double the current number of members.

Let’s make the 1 + 1 campaign a success, we count on you all.
The direction.