Baldio de Carvalhais

This Intervention Plan is a document of a predominantly operational nature, intended to schedule the work to be carried out at the Baldio de Carvalhais in 2018. This plan has a conceptual and guiding basis that starts from the Management Plan initially defined for the property, and the Plans of Interventions from previous years.


The main objective of MONTIS is to increase the value of biodiversity in the properties that it manages, through a transparent and considered management of the available resources.

Acquiring properties can be made in two simple ways: through agreements with the property owners for at least ten years in which the association will take all management decisions related to the biodiversity in the property, or through the purchase of properties by MONTIS through the tool of crowdfunding.


Baldio de Carvalhais

Carvalhal de Vermilhas

Costa Bacelo


Baldio da Granja


Pampilhosa da Serra



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