European Private Land Conservation Network

About the project

The preparatory project LIFE ELCN (LIFE16 PRE/DE/000005 – Development of a European Private Land Conservation Network) features 9 international partners and has the objective of assessing conservation tools in private properties, having in mind their dissemination through political actions that will support the conservation of private properties and establish a private European network of nature conservation.

Action for which MONTIS is responsible: Pilot action A6 about the use of Crowdsourcing in private property conservation.

The project seeks to assess the tools to invest and advance a sustainable management of private property conservation. It´s objectives are twofold:

  • To establish managing agreements with property owners;
  • Promote managing resources of the properties through crowdsourcing, and the involvement of the local community as volunteers from the general public, academic and cooperative and other direct and indirect contributions such as crowd science, donations, legal and communication support.


Website LIFE ELCN: